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We back our customers every step of the way on each project. Our experience has taught us to take the time to anticipate, and resolve, design issues that typically arise on custom projects like yours. It’s a customer service we provide that you may not even be aware that’s happening.

We include a comprehensive set of technical details and recommendations with your project. Each American Artstone project is complete with the connectors and instruction, from lifting and handling to installation.

Learn more about cast stone best practices here.

Attention to Detail

Designers, architects and installers can appreciate


We have made available for download many of the most common details and recommendations for your reference. These represent basic conditions seen on many projects and products, and may not be suitable for your specific design or situation. We are happy to provide design, lifting and connection assistance. Please contact your American Artstone representative for more information.



Joint Types
Drip Details
Cast Stone Spec
Architectural Precast Spec
Anchor Types Overview
Anchor Types
Glossary of Terms


Recommended Lifting Hardware

Connection Details

Base Panels

Base Panel 1

Base Panel 2

Base Panel 3

Base Panel 4

Base Panel 5

Base Panel 6

Base Panel 7

Base Panel 8


Lintels 1

Lintels 2

Lintels 3

Lintels 4

Lintels 5

Lintels 6


Sill 1

Sill 2

Sill 3

Sill 4

Sill 5

Sill 6

Sill 7

Sill 8


Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Window Surrounds

Window Surround 1

Window Surround 2

Window Surround 3

Window Surround 4

Stair Treads

Stair Tread 1

Stair Tread 2

Stair Tread 3


Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3


Band 1

Band 2

Band 3

Band 4

Band 5

Band 6

Band 7

Band 8


Cap 1

Cap 2

Cap 3

Cap 4

Cap 5

Cap 6

Cap 7

Cap 8


Bollard 1

Bollard 2

Bollard 3

Bollard 4

10 Year Limited Product Warranty

On all Cast Stone supplied by American Artstone. For warranty details, please see Cast Stone Institute Warranty.

LEED Certification

Cast stone masonry can make a significant contribution toward earning LEED points on a project. While no product or material alone can earn LEED points, cast stone masonry can be used as part of a strategy to earn points in many credits. It is important to remember that the calculations for these credits require inclusion of the entire building project and materials to determine the percent of qualifying material. For more information, please see